YEOMAN (1922)


Trosupurba x Dominion

RHS AM 1929


RHS Journal 1931

Rather slow of increase with glaucous green foliage 21"[55cm]. Flowering stem 36" [90cm] straight, 5 or 6 flowered, flowers close, fairly large, of excellent shape. Standards domed 2¾ x 2¼" pale lavender blue. Falls hanging straight blade 2x2¼" rich nigrosin violet, beard tipped yellow. (RHS Trials Wisley)


Exceptionally free flowering, splendid grower with large richly coloured flowers. Standards clear light violet blue, Falls rich deep velvety violet blue with light brown reticulations at haft. One of best blue bicolor, 2' 6" [75cm]. (Wallace: 1926)


Bicolour, Standards pale violet, dark wire edge, Falls satiny mulberry purple. Substance exceptional, stalk widely branched, growth vigorous, 33"[85cm]. Standards erect, Falls drooping, haft conspicuous, reticulated chestnut brown, beard conspicuous. Between Speed and Dominion, clear attractive colour. (AIS Bulletin: #12)