This iris flowered for the first time here in 2018 and does seem to match the descriptions. As there is little provenance, I can only guess that it might be right.


Grace Sturtevant x ?  (?... sister to GS?)       TB-Mla-S6D (AIS Checklist 1939)


With its clouded yellow standards and the rich depth of Grace Sturtevant in the fall should prove a rival for Bruno as it is even a richer bronze of the Dominion race. (RS Sturtevant; AIS Bull. No 43)


V226.53: A sister seedling to Grace Sturtevant, and the nearest to a Dominion variagata yet raised. The standards are honey yellow and chamois. The falls are purple-black. A most arresting and uncommon iris, which I think very highly of. (Olive Murrell: Seen at Mr AJ Bliss’ at Morwellham. 1929)