ROMOLA (1923)


?   x Dominion

RHS AM 1929

AIS Bulletin 1929

Lightest and most delicately coloured red toned flower of the Dominion race. Standards pale lilac tinged pale ivory yellow at base. Falls velvety light red purple. Flowers of same size and fine form as Cardinal. 3' 6"[107cm]. Lightest of red toned type. Large flowers of fine form. Standards arching finely 2⅛" broad pale lilac tinged pale ivory yellow at base. Falls smooth flat hanging 2¼" broad, rood's violet to dahlia violet with close reticulations of light brown on haft. Medium branching spikes, 2' 8" [80cm] (AJB: 1920/21)


Vigorous and of rapid increase, glaucous green foliage 24" [60cm]. Flowering stems 36" [90cm] straight 8 flowered. Flowers very large, well proportioned stiff, strongly scented. S 3⅜ x 2 5/8" domed with slightly waved margins, mauve. Falls hanging straight, blades 2⅜x 2½" velvety, deep dahlia crimson, beard tinged lemon in upper half. Flowering for 3 weeks from 26th May 1927 (RHS Trials Wisley)

One of best of the Dominion race, having more attractively graceful and delicately coloured flowers than most. It is exceedingly beautiful, and the lightest toned of all. Blooms very large, standards finely arched pale lilac, tinged pale ivory yellow at base. Falls flat hanging, velvety red-violet, with close light brown reticulations on haft, strong grower, with branching spikes 3' 6" [107cm] (Orpington: 1924)