MYSTIC (1920)

TB-MLa-W1 (AIS Checklist 1939)

Jacquesiana x Phyllis Bliss

RHS AM 1927




nb: Mystic is very similar to Mrs Horace Darwin, but there are fewer purple reticulations at the haft.  


Much improved Mrs H Darwin. Medium large flowers, good form, arching standards and drooping falls. Pure white with close reticulations of lilac and mauve on hafts only. Fragrant; free flowering. 2' 2" [65cm] (AJB:1920/21)


Vigorous, free flowering and of rapid increase. Foliage glaucous green, 18". Flowering stems 20-22" [50-55cm] erect. Generally 6-8 flowers on rather short branches, rather close, medium size, well proportioned, stiff. Standards domed, waved at margins 2⅛ x 1¾". Falls drooping 1¾x 1¾". Both standards and falls white with violet veining at base. Style arms, crest and beard white, last tipped bronzy orange. Improved Mrs H Darwin. (RHS Trials Wisley 1928)

A greatly admired variety which fills a great need for a really good white. The plant is a sturdy grower 2' 8" [80cm] high, often with 5 flowers open at the same time, not branching. The standards are well arched with frilled edges , absolutely pure white. Falls are straight hanging, white with deep plum violet reticulations at the haft. Flowers of good substance, and lasting well. (Orpington 1923)                                

Delicate beautiful variety - a really good white. Sturdy 2' 8" [80cm] free flowering often with 5 flowers fully open at same time. Standards white. Falls straight hanging, white with violet reticulations at haft. Good substance and lasts well. White etched plum purple 2'6" (Orpington1949)