Suffren x Dolores



This iris came from a highly respected source, but seems too modern to be Princess Osra

AIS Bulletin 1971

Very large plicata of very fine form. Rounded, nearly circular standards, moderately revolute and arching, 2¼" broad. Falls smooth and flat, 2" broad, clear white with standards broadly and falls more narrowly margined light wisteria violet and bluish lavender. Hafts thickly speckled with more defined and deeper coloured spots. Effect blue margined plicata with good substance, branching spike 2' 9" [85cm] (AJB 1921/22)

This is the most beautiful plicata variety yet introduced. The flowers are of quite exceptional size and substance, freely produced on strong branching spikes. Clear white, standards and falls more margined with fine spots (and some veining) of soft clear light violet. Hafts thickly speckled with deeper coloured spots. The general effect is a light blue margined Plicata. 2' 9" [85cm](Orpington 1922)