Mme Chereau x Cordelia

RHS AM 1930

Two shades of rosy mauve. It owes its charm perhaps as much to its light and open branching habit as to its colour. (AJB in The Garden 1924) 


Vigorous, of rapid increase with erect glaucous green foliage 22"[55cm]. Flower medium size, well proportioned, stiff. Standards cupped almost circular 1⅞ x 1¾" light lavender violet. Falls fairly drooping 2⅛ x 1⅞" matthews purple, margins paler, veining distinct at base on whitish ground, beard white tipped bronzy yellow.  (RHS Trials Wisley)

RHS Journal

Some seedlings…….get into the first class right away at first flowering and stay there, but some start at x - just barely escape scrapping - and go up one star every year to 6 or more. Such were Sweet Lavender and EH Jenkins (AJB: 1919 in AIS Bull #43)


Very distinct form, producing strong spikes, branching from base, with as many as 12 or more flowers being out at once. Standards pale lavender. Falls horizontal, very broad, widely expanded, deeper rose lavender, general effect… lovely shade of rosy mauve, (Wallace: 1920/21/24)