BRUNO 1922

Dominion x ?


RHS AM1929



Bruno is one of the few Bliss irises still commercially available.


Wallace Catalogue 1923

Foliage 28"[70cm], flower stem 32"[80cm], 8-10 flowered. Flowers large, well proportioned, rather floppy. Scented. Standards domed 3x2 5/8" bronzy pale violet on a cream ground. Falls 2¼ x2 5/8" drooping rich velvety purplish crimson with pale edges. Beard tipped orange.(RHS Trials Wisley1927)

Moderate vigour, with nearly green 18" foliage. Flowering stems 24"[60cm] 5 or 6 flowered. Flowers closely set, of medium size, faintly scented. Standards domed, 2⅜ X 2⅛" bronzy light amparo-purple with darker edges; Falls hanging straight 1⅞ X 2" wide, very velvety raisin purple white beard tipped orange. (RHS Trials Wisley)

Gardeners' Chronicle 1929


A harmony in bronze and red purple. Large flower of considerable substance. Indoors colour is dull murky combination of brown and purple, but sunshine lights it up and it becomes a much improved Prosper Langier(Gardeners’ Chronicle: 1922)


One of the 6 finest irises in cultivation. The size and breadth of its falls are remarkable, while the velvety texture is equally good. Bruno has one slight fault, namely, the Standards are somewhat thin. (Gardeners Chronicle:1929)