Trosupurba x Dominion

Mla-S9D (AIS Checklist 1939)

RHS AM 1927 RHS FCC 1930

The finest in form and richest coloured of the Dominion race. Standards lavender shading to lilac. Falls rich prune purple with a crimson glow in the sun. Tall fine habit and free flowering. Cardinal I call intermediate, not red-toned. (AJB in AIS Bull.#43)

Of moderate vigour, with nearly green 18" [45cm] foliage. Flowering stems 24" [60cm] 5 or 6 flowered. Flowers closely set, of medium size, faintly scented. Standards domed, 2⅜ X 2⅛ " bronzy light amparo-purple with darker edges; Falls hanging straight 1⅞ X 2" wide, very velvety raisin purple. White beard tipped orange. (RHS Trials Wisley1928)

Missouri Botanic Garden bulletin 192

One of richest flowers of the Dominion race. A fine, outstanding plant, 3' [90cm], with stems showing a tendency to branch. Standards distinctive shade of lavender, overlaid with rose, carried erect, arching inwards at top. Falls rich prune purple of Dominion shape, somewhat rounded, very broad and of wonderful glossy texture.( Wallace 1924)