Rosalba 1919

This iris was found in Canada, and after extensive research I hope it is Rosalba. Any other suggestions would be welcome


TB-M-R7M  superseded? AIS checklist 1939

Most distinctive with fine branching habit. Standards reddish violet. Falls deeper tone, almost ruby violet, the throat being stained with yellow ochre and sepia. 3'. (Wallace 1924)


Red squalens with flowers of medium size, but of redder tone than any variety hitherto obtained. Standards are vineous mauve to iris violet (rep. des coleurs 184 to 174) with falls of deeper colouring. Style arms and base of segments are  stained yellow ochre and sepia. Free flowering branching spikes. 2'10". (1920+ Orpington 1923)

Mr Bliss’s lovely little Rosalba. This is essentially an iris for massing, as the flowers are not large, but the plant is vigorous, free flowering and quickly makes a brilliant splash of colour in the iris garden or border. Slender well branched stems 2 ½’ high carrying many glowing mahogany red flowers, this iris is hard to beat as a garden plant. (Olive Murrell: Pink and Red Irises; BIS Yearbook 1928)