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TB-M-B3M (Superseded AIS Checklist 1939.)

SNHF CM 1922

Very unique and well named in being like a large 6 petalled clematis or fine japanese iris. Clear light violet with variable veining at base. Vigorous, floriferous fragrant. 24"[60cm]  '...but sticklers for a particular form…were irate, and said it was a cripple' (EAS Peckham in AIS Bulletin 1932)

CLEMATIS caused much discussion because of its peculiar flat form and Mr. Bliss had to come to its defence as he was criticized for allowing it to be introduced. The color was a very clean, clear blue, much more a real blue than was the case in iris as known then and it made a good mass in the garden and so it had its defenders but the sticklers for a particular form in irises were irate and said it was a cripple in exactly the same manner as discussion raged over BRANDYWINE, some upholding it for its blueness, others damning it because of its bad habit of having extra parts and trying to "go double." I do not mean that CLEMATIS had a doubling habit but the standards lying flat as they do gave an appearance not unlike the kaempferi hybrids we know as "Japanese" iris. (EAS Peckham in AIS Bull 43; 1932)

AIS Bulletin 1929

Clematis forms….are not constant. Flowers of quite normal form often appearing on the same plant, even on the same spike. (AJB in The Garden 1924)