John D Taylor

John Douglas Taylor

1907 – 1986

John was born in Redditch, Worcs, son of Samuel Stephenson Taylor of West Vale, W. Yorks. He attended the County High School in Redditch and Alcester Grammar School and eventually became an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and a Certified Associate of The Institute of Bankers. He married Mary Hughes of Redditch in 1935.

        He entered the bank in Birmingham, moved around the country eventually becoming Manager of the National Provincial Bank in Folkestone. (Which opened in 1842 for the Steam packet trade across the channel.)

        During the war, he saw service in Africa, India and Ceylon as an officer in the Royal Marines. In India he developed a large collection of butterflies, which he eventually donated to Southampton University when he moved there in 1958.

         He was a man who did things thoroughly and developed a variety of interests, becoming music columnist for his local paper when living in Derbyshire, played tennis to county level and was an amateur artist.

          His interest in irises began when he found that vegetables did not grow well on his allotment in Bristol, while he was there in the early 50s. He began to hybridise, mainly breeding dwarf bearded irises. He won many medals, and became president of the British Iris Society from 1970-1973.

          John and Mary moved to Moreton-in-Marsh in the 60s when John retired.  He spent much of his time breeding and growing irises, allowing them to take over most of the garden. Many were named for family and friends, and for places that had meaning for him. He died in 1986, having made an enormous contribution to the development of dwarf bearded irises over about 30 years.


THE IRISES: (Some of the newer irises were introduced by Carilla Taylor, John's daughter-in-law.)

Abigail, 1979, BB
Acolyte, 1961, SDB
Adrienne Taylor ‘61 SDB  
Alchemist, 1961, SDB
Alison Taylor, 1998, IB
Amphora, 1967, SDB
Anne Blandamer, 1961, TB
Anne Elizabeth, 1970, SDB

Appledore, 1968, SDB
Arden, 1983, BB

Banny, 1965, SDB
Batsford, 1969, SDB
Bewdley, 1986, IB

Bibury, 1975, SDB
Blazon Day, 1965, SDB
Blockley, 1970, SDB

Brannigan, 1961, SDB
Brecon, 1982, SDB
Bredon, 1969, TB
Bretforton, 1986, PCI

Broadwell, 1972, SDB
Bromyard, 1974, SDB
Broseley, 1986, TB

Burford, 1964, BB
Carilla, 1964, SDB

Charlecote, 1972, SDB
Chatelaine, 1966, IB

Chesterton, 1969, TB
Chief Justice, 1960, TB
Chiffchaff, 1965, SDB
Church Stoke, 1979, SDB
Cinque Port, 1961, SDB

Clun, 1974, SDB
Colwall, 1983, TB
Corinium, 1968, TB

Cotsgold, 1968, IB

Curlew 1964, IB
Desert Wind, 1966, TB
Devilry, 1966, SDB
Double Lament, 1966, SDB
Dunlin, 1972, MDB
Eardisland, 1985, IB
Eyebright, 1971, SDB

Fiorellino, 1964, MDB
Forest Glow, 1960, SDB
Forest Light, 1959, SDB

Fosseway, 1968, TB
Foxcote, 1971, BB
Furnaceman, 1965, SDB

Garda, 1964, IB
Garnet Lass, 1959, SDB

Golden Hill, 1982, TB
Golding, 1961, MDB

Honeybourne, 1980, TB
Honington, 1980, SDB

Jane Taylor 1964, SDB
Jean Valon, 1964, MDB
Joanna Taylor, 1967, MDB
John Taylor, 1998, SDB

Just Jennifer, 1986, BB
Katy Petts, 1970, SDB

Keyhaven, 1964, SDB
Landfall, 1969, SDB
Landscape, 1964, SDB
Langley, 1970, TB
Lanka, 1968, SDB
Lemanis, 1961, SDB
Limeade, 1966, TB
Little Vanessa, 1964, SDB
Llanthony, 1980, SDB

Lord Warden, 1962, TB
Marhaba, 1964, MDB

Marsh Dawn, 1965, TB
Marsh Imp, 1964, MDB
Marshfire, 1965, TB
Marshglow, 1968, TB
Marshlander, 1961, TB

Mary Benbow, 1967, BB
Mary McIlroy, 1984, SDB
Mary Taylor, 1981, TB
Miniscribe, 1982, MDB
Minivet, 1963, SDB
Minstead, 1964, MDB
Miss Carla, 1985, IB

Moreton, 1988, PCI
Mullion, 1964, BB
Nancy Hardy, 1964, MDB

Nanga Parbat, 1983, TB
Nonsuch, 1970, SDB

Offenham, 1986, TB
Owlet, 1967, SDB
Paricutin, 1966, SDB
Partridge, 1962, BB
Peggy Chambers, 1971, IB

Pershore, 1983, PCI
Pevensey, 1969, TB
Piona, 1960, IB
Red Rufus, 1979, TB

Romney, 1971, IB
Saintbury, 1970, SDB

 Salad Days TB 1959
Saltwood, 1965, SDB
Sarah Louise, 1964, TB
Sarah Taylor, 1979, SDB
Sassenach, 1979, SDB
Scribe, 1972, MDB

Sea Fret, 1961, SDB
Sherborne, 1969, SDB

Sissinghurst 1966 SDB

Snowshill 1981 TB

Solent Breeze 1959 IB

Solent Sun 1960 IB

Stanway 1969 SDB
Stapleford, 1965, MDB

Sudeley 1974 SDB
Sue Hughes, 1967, SDB
Sunrising, 1972, BB
Tracey, 1968, TB
Trincomalee, 1990, BB
Tuscany, 1967, MDB
Uffdown, 1990, TB
Violet Imp, 1961, MDB
Vista, 1961, IB
Wenlock, 1968, IB
West Vale, 1992, IB
Westwell, 1970, SDB
Whiteladies, 1968, IB
Widecombe Fair, 1961, SDB

Windrush 1970 BB
Wychwood, 1988, TB
Wyckhill 1968, SDB