Taylor Collection

Acolyte 1964


SDB. Green Spot x Little Shadow. Violet self. Ht 10". (Sdg no E.96/12) S.T. Wisley 1963, BIS Show Commendation 1963 (BIS Yearbook 1963)

Adrienne Taylor 1963


SDB. Green Spot x (Clear Sailing x Sulina) x sib. Mid blue. (Sdg E.97/22) S.T. Wisley 1963. BIS Show commendation 1963. (BIS Yearbook 1963)

NB: 2018: This image is not the right iris.


Amphora 1972


SDB. Sunny Heart x Sdlg J42. Stds white; falls white with clear yellow spot. Ht 12" (Sdlg L8/2). H C  Wisley 1972. (BIS Yearbook 1972)

Awards: AGC 1974    2nd Florence 1974

Anne Blandamer 1961


TB. Alfred Edwin x Honeydew. Stds pale yellow, falls white with yellow edge. Ht 36". (Sdlg D/46/1). S.T. Wisley 1961. (BIS Yearbook 1961)



Anne Elizabeth 1970


12" plicata  [JDT]   


SDB.     Circlette x Plicatee. Stds blue, falls blue plicata. Ht 11". (Sdlg N6/4) (BIS Yearbook 1973)

Bibury  1975

SDB. Saltwood x sdlg M21. Stds white, falls white with pale yellow hafts, blue beard. Ht12". early. (Sdlg P68/3) AM Wisley 1975 (BIS Yearbook 1975)

Awards: AM 1975;  FCC 1882; Dykes Medal 1982; Lemon Trophy 1979;  2nd Florence 1976;  1st Vienna 1975;   AGC 1977

Brannigan 1966


SDB (( (Clear Sailing x Sulina) x sib x((Sylvisa Murray x Sky Song) x Welch H503)) x Green Spot. Stds violet, falls violet with darker velvet overlay. ht 13". Sdlg E/112/A3). HC Wisley 1966. (BIS Yearbook 1966)

Carilla 1965


SDB (Sdlg B/31 x Green Spot) x Blueberry Muffins. Stds cream; falls cream with pale blue beard. Ht 10" S.T. Wisley 1965. (BIS Yearbook 1965)


elegant primrose with grey beard. (JDT)





Chief Justice 1963


TB. Gaylord x Dandy. Stds pale blue; falls crimson, edged pale blue.  Ht 34". (Sdg C 15/3). S.T. Wisley 1963. (BIS Yearbook 1963)


Church Stoke 1979


SDB. Double lament sdlg x Double Lament. Stds bright purple; falls purple with light beard. ht 14" (36cm). Early. (sdlg V70/3). AGC BIS 1979. (BIS Yearbook 1979)

Awards: AGC 1979

 Cotsgold 1974  


Intermediate. Golden Flair x (Annette x D36/4). Gold self. ht 20". (Sdlg M79/4) HC Wisley 1974. (BIS Yearbook 1974)

Awards: HC 1974, AM 1977, Dykes Medal 1978      1st Vienna 1974, AGC 1974, Lemon trophy 1976  

Curlew 1967


IB: (( Langdale x Pogo) x Tall seedling)) x Atomic Blue. Stds mid yellow; falls mid-yellow with white streak vertically. Ht 19". (Sdlg H38/6). ST Wisley 1966. mid-season. (BIS Yearbook 1967)

Awards:  FCC 1969;  Lemon Trophy 1972

  Devilry 1969


 SDB A red-purple self with a brown beard, it has good shape , is long lasting , and a pleasant scent. Increase is good and it appears to be a very sturdy grower.  (Hilda M Goodwin. BIS Yearbook 1976. Pg 72)  


Awards HC 1969     AM 1972   AGC 1972       

Dunlin 1972


MDB. miniplic x Anne Elizabeth. Stds blue, falls white with faint plicata markings. Ht6". Early. (Sdlg S28/4). HM (5th) Vienna 1977 (BIS Yearbook 1977) it is fertile both ways and passes on some of its better qualities to its offspring.

Awards: HM Vienna 1977     Silver Munich 1983

Eyebright 1977


SDB. Furnaceman x Flame Spot sdlg. Stds bright yellow; falls bright yellow with brown lines. Ht 12". (Sdlg R28/2). Mid season. H C Wisley 1977. (BIS Yearbook 1977)

Awards: HC 1977        AM 1978                Lemon Trophy 1981 AGC 1978


Fiorellino 1970


MDB. Green Spot x Little Shadow. Stds white; falls white with blue spot. ht 6". (Sdlg E96/10). Early. Premio Firenze for MTB 1970. (BIS Yearbook 1970)

Awards: V Howells Plate Florence 1970

Forest Light 1962


((Sylvia Murray x Sky Song) x Welch H.503) x Green Spot. Stds cream; falls cream with yellow and green markings. Ht 14". (sdg B.32/2). S.T. Wisley 1962. (BIS Yearbook 1962)

Foxcote 1977


IB. Sdlg N37 x Martel. very dark brown self. Ht 18". Late. (Sdlg R50/2). First Vienna 1977.  (BIS Yearbook 1977)


Awards: 1st Vienna 1977    Staatspreiz 1979 

Furnaceman 1972

SDB.  (Green Spot x sdlg) x (Garnet Lass x sdlg). Stds yellow; falls yellow with maroon spot. (ht 11". (Sdlg K 10/3). S.T. Wisley 1968. (BIS Yearbook 1972)

Awards:  HM Vienna 1971


Honington 1980


Stockholm x Bibury. Buttercup yellow self with white beard. ht 14"(36cm). (Sdlg Y11/1). HC Wisley 1980. (BIS Yearbook 1980)

Awards: HC 1980                  Bronze Munich 1983

Jane Taylor 1968


SDB.(Sdlg x Green Spot) x Blueberry Muffins. Stds bluish white ; falls bluish white with lemon infusion at haft. Bright blue beard. Ht 12".  (Sdg H47/2)  (BIS Yearbook 1968) 

Scented: apple (BIS Yearbook 1984)


Awards:   H.C. Wisley 1968.





Joanna Taylor 1967


MDB  6" White with bright purple spot  [JDT]

Fiorellino sdlg x Sea Fret sdlg. Stds white, falls white with bright violet spot.ht 5".  (Sdlg l32/2). H C Wisley 1971. (BIS Yearbook 1971)


Awards: HC 1971



Just Jennifer 1980


BB. Bibury x Wedding Vow. Flowers 5" across. ruffled white self, beard yellow tipped white. branches 3, buds 5. Average ht 25"964cm). Early. (Sdlg B8/3). SC BIS 1983. (BIS Yearbook 1983)

Awards: HC 1985      AGC 1985 

Katy Petts 1978


Raised by John D Taylor this SDB iris from M9xK81 (involving Curlew and Garda) was selected for trial at Wisley in 1975 as seedling P5(/1. It received an HC in 1978 together with an AGC and was registered in that year. It is a very pretty 14” iris with standards mid-blue and falls the same mid-blue with a violet spot. The flower is enlivened by good beards of a sparkling pale    blue. (BIS YB 1982.19)

                                                              Awards: Souvenir de M. Lemon Trophy 1982

Lord Warden 1962


Ethel Miller x Melbreak. Rich gold self with orange beard. Ht 33". (Sdlg E36/1). S.C, BIS 1966. (BIS Yearbook 1966)

Awards: S/C 1963  Lipscombe cCp 1964,  3rd Hamburg 1968,  10th Florence 1969

Marsh Imp 1971


MDB; (((Langdale x Pogo) x Green Spot) X Atomic Blue). Pale blue self with darker flush on falls and white beard. Ht 5". (Sdlg H38/9). (BIS Yearbook 1971)   


Awards: HC 1971                   2nd Vienna 1971 


Marshlander 1966


chocolate bi-colour  [JDT]


TB. Staten Island x Bang. Stds brown; Falls chocolate. Ht 36". (Sdlg D26/1). S.C BIS 1966; ST Wisley 1966 (BIS Yearbook 1966). 


Awards:    S/C 1986;   HC Frankfurt 1973;  2nd for Dykes Medal 1969

Mary McIlroy 1984


SDB. Stockholm x Bibury. Deep yellow self with white beard. Ruffled, 3 branches, 4 buds. Average ht 12"(30cm). Early. (Sdlg Y11/3). HC Wisley 1984. (BIS yearbook 1984)


Awards:  HC 1984  AGM 2021

Mary Taylor 1981



TB. Cup Race x Enchanted Cloud. White self. Ht 33". Late. (sdlg V174/2). (BIS Yearbook  1981)



Miss Carla 1985 


18" white with yellow hafts. Blue beard  [JDT]


IB. (Sunrising x Pugsy) x Brown Lasso. Stds cream with blue infusion; falls same with yellow hafts and blue beard. Wide ruffled flower with flaring falls, 4" across. 3 branches; 5 buds. Average ht 22"(56cm). Mid season. (Sdlg     

                                                                                     D9/12)  (BIS Yearbook 1985)         


                                                                                    Awards: HC 1985     AGC 1987

                                                                                    Lemon Trophy 1989

Nancy Hardy 1971


 MDB. Brannigan x Green Spot sdlg. Stds violet; falls violet with darker beard. Ht 5". (Sdlg H46/1). PC RHS 1971 (BIS Yearbook 1971)  

Awards: PC 1971  

Paricutin 1969


SDB. (E.112A x Garnet Lass)  x Green Spot Sdlg. .  Stds yellow; falls yellow with plum red spot pattern.  Ht 13". (Sdg K49/4).  H.C. Wisley 1969. Early (BIS Yearbook 1969)


Awards:  HC 1969;    1st Florence 1972;      6th Vienna & HM 1972


Peggy Chambers 1976


(Dancer's veil x Siva Siva) x Anne Elizabeth. Stds violet; falls violet plicata. ht 18". (Sdlg R115/1). Mid season. Commended Wisley 1976. (BIS Yearbook 1976)

Awards: C 1976           HC 1977                AGC 1978

Piona 1964


IB. Alfred Edwin x  (Clear Sailing x Sulina) x sib. Deep violet self. Ht 19". (Sdg D 45/3) S.T. Wisley 1964. BIS Show commendation 1964. (BIS Yearbook 1964)


Deepviolet with orange beard. Strong grower. (JDT)






Red Rufus 1979

TB. (Lord Warden x Frontier Marshall) x Post Time. Brick red self; brown beard. Ht 38" (97cm). mid-season.  (sdlg V151/2). AM Wisley 1979. (BIS Yearbook 1979)

Awards:    AM 1979    AGC 1979    

Sarah Taylor 1979


SDB. Jones M212/3 x Stockholm. Stds cream; falls pale primrose, blue beard. Ht 12" (30cm). Early. (Sdlg Y10/4) BIS Taylor trophy 1979. (BIS Yearbook 1979)

Awards: AM 1982; FCC 1989; AGC 1981;  4th Vienna 1981; Bronze Munich 1983; lemon Trophy 1984


Scribe 1975


7" plicata  [JDT]

MDB. Miniplic x Anne Elizabeth. Stds blue plicata; falls white with overall blue markings. Ht 6". Early. (Sdlg S28/1). AM Chelsea 1975.  (BIS Yearbook 1975)

Awards: AM 1975. AM America 1985.     

          2nd Vienna 1976



Sherborne 1975


15" creamy buff  [JDT]


SDB. Sunny Heart x Amphora. Stds pale yellow; falls gold with pale rim. Ht 14". mid-season.  (Sdlg N74/1)   (BIS Yearbook 1975)

Awards:  C 1976       AGC 1977    HM Vienna 1975

Sissinghurst 1969


12" violet bi-colour brown beard  [JDT]

SDB . B35/17 x Green Spot sdlg. Purple self. Ht 11". Mid-season. (Sdlg 3/J/9). (BIS Yearbook 1969). 


Awards: HC 1969  AGC 1973

Solent Breeze 1962


IB. Langdale x pogo. Stds bright yellow. falls bright yellow with chocolate hafts. Ht 22". (Sdg C26/4). S.T. Wisley 1962 (BIS Yearbook 1962)


Awards: HC 1966.   Souv. De M. lemon Trophy 1967

Solent Sun 1964


IB. Serin x ( (Sylvia Murray x  Sky Song) x Welch H.503) ) x Green Spot. pale yellow. Ht 25" (Sdg D 63/1.).  (BIS Yearbook 1964)

Stapleford 1971

MDB. Fiorellino x Sdlg E97/12. Stds white, falls white with pale blue ring round beard. Ht 6". (Sdlg J2/10). HC Wisley 1971. (BIS Yearbook 1971)

Awards: HC 1971 AGC 1974    1st Florence 1972 

Tracey  1976


TB. Gracie Pfost x Sarah Louise. Stds tan, falls tan with bright yellow flush. Ht 36". (Sdlg M152/14) Late.  HC.  Wisley 1976. (BIS Yearbook 1976)      Fothergill Trophy 1979




Vista 1966


IB. Golden Alps x Pogo. Stds pale blue, falls brown. Ht 22". (Sdlg E/12/14).   H C. Wisley 1966. (BIS Yearbook 1966)

Westwell 1978


SDB.  Circlette x Plicatee. Stds pale blue, falls blue plicata with stripes.  Ht 11". Early (Sdlg R68/1) HC Wisley 1978 (BIS yearbook 1978)    

Awards:  HC 1978  AGC 1980    Bronze Munich 1983

Whiteladies 1968


18" cream self (or off white)  [JDT]

IB. Sdlg J22 x garda. White self . Ht 17". mid-season. (sdlg M67/1)  (BIS Yearbook 1975)


Awards: C 1975    AGC 1977     AM 1980               Lemon Trophy 1980 

Widecombe Fair 1965


(Langdale x Pogo) x Pogo. Stds white, falls white with bright purple spot pattern. Ht 12". (Sdlg E87/1.) S.T. Wisley 1963. H.C. Wisley 1965. (BIS Yearbook 1965)