Dominion x ?

RHS AM 1930

Enormous flowers. Standards light mauve stained bronze at base. Falls rich velvety raisin purple. Strong grower with stout branching spikes and free flowering. 3'6" [107cm]. Very fine form and extra substance. Arching circular standards nearly 3" broad, light lavender violet-mauve stained light bronze at base. Hanging falls smooth and flat, very rich velvety purple with close reticulations of brown-purple. Tall branching spikes free flowering 3'4" [[102cm] (AJB 1920/21)



This is, in Mr Bliss' opinion, the finest of all the grand varieties of his Dominion race, and it is indeed of superlative merit. The enormous flowers are of the finest form, great substance and lasting quality. The circular arching standards nearly 3" broad light lavender to mauve stained light bronze at the base. The falls are straight hanging, smooth and flat 2⅛" broad, a very rich velvety purple in colour with red brown reticulations at the haft. The plant is an exceedingly good grower with stout branching spikes 3'6" [107cm] high.   (Whitelegg/Orpington 1923)   

from: New Zealand Smallholders Magazine 1934