Mme Chereau x Princess Beatrice

TB-M-B1M (1939 AIS Checklist)

RHS AM 1916/29

Vigorous and of rather slow increase, foliage glaucous, 16" [40cm] high. Flowering stems 30"[75cm] zigzag, 5 flowers. Flowers of medium size, rich lavender blue, well proportioned, stiff. S domed, F sigmoid, beard tipped lemon. Flowering for 3 weeks from 28.5.1927. Several varieties approach very closely in colour to Benbow (which tucks falls in too much for ideal form). Eg: Mrs Tinley (in class IV a), Viola, Eden Philpotts, Kate Hayter Reed, Lady Charles Allom, La Beaute, Commodore, Zephyr, Leone Trenance (Class IV a).This and Viola come very close to Class Vb  (RHS Trials Wisley)

Standards lavender-violet, reticulated with purplish, domed overarched, blade obovate, notched, undulate, frilled revolute smooth 2x3". Falls pleroma violet, reticulated with same, indistinctly so on inner lighter haft. Drooping wedge shaped, convex, slightly pinched, slightly obcordate, smooth 2⅛ x 3". Beard fine, dense, projecting, conspicuous, white with orange tip. Haft medium broad overarching. Crest large, fringed, pollen plentiful. Spathe valves scarious. Growth vigorous, increase rapid, habit regular, foliage stiff, glaucous green. 3 blooms at once, floriferous. Stalk erect with 7 buds, high, fastigate, branching 38"[95cm]. 2 laterals, good substance, frail to firm texture, smooth surface, good fragrance (Cornell University: #100)