(Knysna x E H Jenkins) x Dominion                                  

RHS FCC 1932


Miss Grace Sturtevant: FCC 1932 Vigorous and of rapid increase with erect glaucous green foliage 24” [60cm] high. Flowering stems 42”[107cm], erect, 10 flowered, branches long. Flowers large closely arranged, well proportioned stiff, slightly cupped with waved margins 2½”x 2¼” dull brownish mahogany, base yellowish. Falls straight hanging 2x2” rich deep velvety purple-maroon. Veins on haft distinct. Beard very conspicuous, deep orange. Flowering for 3 weeks from 6th June (RHS Trials Wisley 1933)

Miss Grace Sturtevant (94): An iris of exceptionally fine quality and unusual colouring. Standards brownish purple very broad and well held. Falls deep glistening crimson black, semi-flaring, reticulated cream at haft, beard brilliant yellow ochre. The general colour effect of this variety in mass is a rich dark brown. The flowers are up to the Dominion race standard in texture and size. About 3' [90cm] high, with well branched stems. ((PJ Murrell[?], At Mr Bliss’s garden in Morwellham. P33 BIS yearbook 1926)

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Of the four new seedlings there is one I consider good enough to name Grace Sturtevant. It is of the Dominion race, in size and form and in colour it is a wonderful mixture of yellow and tawny red-brown. ( AJB in AIS Bulletin 1932.)


Grace Sturtevant was an American breeder whom Arthur Bliss greatly admired.