Trosupurba x Dominion

RHS AM 1927


The Swazi and Tenebrae in the collection are very similar, though from different reliable sources. It is possible that they are the same iris.


AIS Bulletin 1929

Finest of dark coloured type, the blending of the deep tones being most harmonious. Standards manganese violet to maroon purple in centre and shading to bronze at base. Falls rich velvety blackish purple. Large flower of fine form. Standards arching, cupped, manganese to litho purple, tinged auricula purple and dark maroon purple in centre. Falls circular, very smooth, flat and hanging, rich velvety blackish purple with brown reticulations on haft. Base of segments stained straw. Flower of rich Rembrantesque colouring. Branching spikes, fairly free flowering 2' 8" [80cm] (best of dark blended type) (AJB 1920/21)



Tenebrae (94): As a distinct contrast to the great majority of irises - light flowers predominating – this variety is worthy of a leading place. It is the darkest of all the Dominion race, with deep violet-purple to maroon-purple standards and rich black-purple falls. The flowers are large and extraordinarily stout in texture lasting several days in perfect condition. (P Murrell in BIS yearbook 1925)