One of the late Mr Bliss's finest introductions and as brilliant for colour as Senlac  although a different shade of red. S coppery-red. F velvety oxblood red penciled yellow at haft. Intense ochre yellow beard 3' (1934 Whitelegg)                          

Fine mahogany red scented 3' (1949)

Hester Prynne and Mareschal Ney  (Williamson) Difficult to distinguish between the two. They are luminous red-purple bicolour. Standards deep mahogany red. Falls wine-red; good shape and substance. As MN has the advantage of having been already introduced, it is doubtful whether HP will ever be put into commerce.(FW Hellings ; Irises at Orpington BIS Yearbook.1932)

Hester prynne and Bannerette. Amateur Gardening June 1934