RALEIGH (1921)


Average pallida in size and form. Colour bright and clear. Exceedingly free flowering, tall branching spikes, and good compact habit. Self; bluish violet. Standards soft bluish violet, Falls Bradley's violet. Sweetly Scented strong grower, 45"[115cm] (AJB1921/22)



TB-M-S9D (obsolete AIS checklist 1939)

(Trosupurba x Dominion) x Dominion

Large flowers of fine form. Arching standards 2⅛" broad, light lobelia violet to pale lilac in centre. Falls smooth hanging 2 3/16" broad, rich velvety raisin purple to blackish red-purple. Medium branching spikes, free flowering and strong growing. 2' 10" [85cm]. Not so large as Cardinal, but reddest of Dominion race. (AJB: 1920/21 1921/22)


RED START (1921)

TB (obsolete AIS checklist 1939)

Flower of only medium size but colouring is striking. Standards crimson purple (schoenfeld's purple), suffused deep corinthian red and madder brown at edges and haft. Style arms old gold to mustard yellow. Standards arching at first, and later open to a stiffly cupped form displaying vividly contrasting style arms. Strongly and sweetly scented. 2' 3" [70cm] (AJB: 1921/22)


RIALTO (1927)


Lovely late blue self. Very rounded in form with horizontal falls. Shade deeper and more brilliant colour than Corrida. Very late. 2' 6" [75cm] scented (Whitelegg/Orpington 1935/38)                  


ROBIN (1919)

TB-R9L (obsolete AIS checklist 1939 superseded?)

Foliage taller than 24"[60cm]. Vigorous and of rapid increase. Flowering stem 30"[75cm], 6 flowered. Flowers very close, well proportioned and stiff of medium size. Standards domed 2 1/8 x 1¾". Margins waved, bright liseran purple. Falls hanging straight down 1⅜ x 1⅜" bright rosy magenta, with darker margins and veins, beard white, tinged coppery orange. Flowering for 3 weeks from May 26th 1927. (RHS Trials Wisley 1928)


Harrison 1933


RODNEY (1919)

TB-M-B1M (superseded? AIS checklist 1939)

Mme Chereau x dalmatica

Fine form, dark self violet blue. Very blue tone. Strong grower and very free flowering. Splendid branching habit. 30" [75cm] (Wallace: 1920/24/29) (39" [100cm]1922)



TB-E-S6D     PBF (superseded? AIS checklist 1939)

(Mme Chereau x Mrs Horace Darwin) x Maori King

Early variety, exceedingly free flowering. Standards pale dusky yellow, Falls bright red, well reticulated, of good shape. (1920/21/24) General effect is pleasing and the colour scheme is very rich, especially when seen in the evening light.2' [60cm] (Wallace 1922)



ROMOLA (1923)


?   x Dominion

RHS AM 1929

Lightest and most delicately coloured red toned flower of the Dominion race. Standards pale lilac tinged pale ivory yellow at base. Falls velvety light red purple. Flowers of same size and fine form as Cardinal. 3' 6". Lightest of red toned type. Large flowers of fine form. Standards arching finely 2⅛" broad pale lilac tinged pale ivory yellow at base. Falls smooth flat hanging 2¼" broad, rood's violet to dahlia violet with close reticulations of light brown on haft. Medium branching spikes, 2' 8" [80cm] (AJB: 1920/21)

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ROSALBA (1919)

TB-M-R7M (superseded? AIS checklist 1939)

Red squalens with flowers of medium size, but of redder tone than any variety hitherto obtained. Standards are vineous mauve to iris violet (rep. des coleurs 184 to 174) with falls of deeper colouring. Style arms and base of segments are stained yellow ochre and sepia. Free flowering branching spikes. 2'10"[80cm]. (1920+ Orpington 1923)

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TB-MLa-R7M (Superseded? AIS Checklist 1939)

Mrs Horace Darwin x Mme Chereau

RHS Commended 1917 [?]

Very tall and handsome 3'-3'6"[90-100cm]. Late flowering. Standards rosy lavender, Falls almost self. Very pretty in mass, free and slender. A paler edition of Ms Sturtevant's Dream. (Wallace 1922/24/30)



TB-M-W2 (superseded? AIS checklist 1939)

 After type of Mme Chereau and Ma Mie,but much more profusely flowered. Standards and falls snow white pencilled bright blue, with great depth of colouring at the tops.The falls are lined and reticulated darker at haft and more lightly pencilled and tinted lower down.As a decorative flower for table use it possesses great charm. 3' 3"[100cm] (Wallace 1922)


ROSEWAY (1919)


Assuerus x Queen of May

Vigorous and of rapid increase with glaucous green foliage 20"[50cm]. Flowering stems 38"[95cm], branched, erect, zig zag, 8 flowered; flowers of medium size well proportioned, stiff faintly scented. Standards domed 2x1⅞", rich reddish amparo purple ; Falls drooping, blades 1½x 1 5/8", deeper than Standards. Beard orange. (RHS Trials Wisley)


ROTORUA (1921)

TB-M-B3M (superseded? AIS Checklist 1939)

Dalmatica   x   Trosupurba

Excellent variety of fine pallida/neglecta form which might be described as an improved Mdlle Schwartz. Standards pale fresh lavender blue, Falls similar shade but suffused deeper blue at centre, with well defined veins of bluish violet and indigo on hafts. Delightfully cool fresh colour. Very tall strong rampant grower, well branched and extremely free flowering. (Orpington 1923)


RUSSET (1922)

TB-S6M (not yet in commerce; obsolete AIS checklist 1939)

Cordelia x Queen of May. (same pod as Dora Longdon)