Listed as obsolete in the 1939 AIS Checklist


ALMA (1920)

TB-M-W2   (obsolete AIS checklist 1939)

(Suffren x (Leonidas x Cordelia)) x ?

1925-7 varieties with white ground spotted and feathered over the segments with red-purple  (RHS Trials Wisley)

Superceded: Alma; R Allen 1950. TB 38” WW1 – pure white self. New Snow x Alark (AIS iris encyclopaedia)


ALTIORA (1927) 


Raleighx Gabriel 

bicolour, light blue 54"[135cm] Fragrant

Splendid light violet blue and astonishingly free. It probably carries plicata. (AJB in AIS Bull. 1932)




(Assuerus x Leonidas)     x Cretonne



TB  no information.


ARAGON (1921)

TB-M-Y9M  (obsolete AIS checklist 1939 superceded?)

Standards deep bright golden yellow; falls bright velvety red-brown heavily reticulated on pale yellow ground. Deep orange beard. Of medium height and size of flower; not the ideal yellow variety, but well worth growing on account of the bright yellow of the standards. 26" [65cm](Wallace 1921/24)


ARGONAUT (synonym Nelson) 1920


Judith? x Princess Beatrice  

A grand pale lavender blue, set with very large flowers, of similar form to Princess Beatrice. It is not quite so tall, but more branching and extremely free flowering. Of strong and good habit of growth. It is one of the best of this colour for massing. (Orpington1923 Whitelegg 1927)


ASSYRIAN (1919) 

TB-M-B1M (AIS checklist 1939: superseded?) 

Assuerus x Princess Beatrice

RHS HC 1916 

A special type of pallida, self coloured, standards and falls of clear deep violet, margined towards base of segments with yellow. Style arms also yellow edged with conspicuous projecting light yellow beard. A flower of striking contrast. Med-large flowers of fine form, free flowering. 3' [90cm] (Orpington 1921/3)



TB  (obsolete AIS checklist 1939


AUBURN (1921)

TB-M-S9M obsolete AIS checklist 1939 superseded? (Kleinsorge 1945)

Diadem x (Queen of May x Cordelia) 

A red bicolour squalens, intermediate in type of colouring [like] Mount Penn and Deuil de Valery Mayet. In general effect a very warm toned red flower. Standards rose purple in the centre bordered with hazel to ochre-red. Falls pansy purple to violet carmine deepening to bordeaux and burnt lake at haft. Medium large flower of good squalens form.Ffree flowering and strong, unbranched spikes. 2'9"[85cm] (AJB:1921/2)



TB-R9L (obsolete AIS checklist 1939) 


AVERIL (1927) 

TB-B3D (obsolete AIS checklist 1939  superseded?)   (Dykes 1927/TB-Y4L)

Dominion x

Violet blue - a deep and blue tone. It seems I am not expected to send out violets or blues, though Yeld and Hort and everyone else keeps on at them. I have had very many, and I aimed at deep colour, at blueness and velvetiness and discarded all the others. I have finally kept two, and I think they will prove the best as in addition to its large flowers, good form and height and habit it is a most vigorous grower. (AIS Bull no 47: 'On Varieties by AJB'


AVICE (1920)

TB-W2  (obsolete AIS checklist 1939 superseded?)

Plicata. Too heavily marked to be really effective. (RS Sturtevant; AIS Bull. No 43)



TB  (obsolete AIS checklist 1939)

The garden 1921

AZURE (1918)


Leonidas x Maori King (same pod as Dusky Maid) 


Standards light lavender violet reticulated with brownish violet, slightly bronzed. Carriage cupped, arched; blade obovate, fiddle form, notched, undulate, ruffled to frilled, revolute, creped and cockled 1¼ x 2¼".Falls silvery mulberry purple to florite violet veined with same to brownish on lavender outer haft. Carriage flaring to drooping, wedge shaped, convex, obcordate, smooth 2x3".Beard: fine, dense, projecting, brown. Haft narrow deeply channeled, reticulations fine to broad, widely spaced. Style branches broad, overarching. Crest large, fringed, plentiful pollen. Spathe valves scarious, inflated. Form: short to long, compact, oblong to rounded, free flowering. 34"[85cm], fastigate branching, low, (below centre) poor-good substance, frail-firm texture, Growth Exceedingly vigorous, increase rapid, habit regular, foliage stiff, slender, glaucous green tinged at base. 3 blooms at once, floriferous. Stalk erect to flexuous with 9 buds. Neglecta type, good fragrance. (Cornell University #100)