TB (obsolete AIS checklist 1939) Name reused 1942



TB (obsolete AIS checklist 1939)



TB (obsolete AIS checklist 1939)

BENBOW (1917)

Mme Chereau x Princess Beatrice

TB-M-B1M (1939 AIS Checklist)

RHS AM 1916/29

Vigorous and of rather slow increase, foliage glaucous, 16" high. Flowering stems 30" zigzag, 5 flowers. Flowers of medium size, rich lavender blue, well proportioned, stiff. S domed, F sigmoid, beard tipped lemon. Flowering for 3 weeks from 28.5.1927. Several varieties approach very closely in colour to Benbow (which tucks falls in too much for ideal form). Eg Mrs Tinley (in class IV a), Viola, Eden Philpotts, Kate Hayter Reed, Lady Charles Allom, La Beaute, Commodore, Zephyr, Leone Trenance (Class IV a).This and Viola come very close to Class Vb

Standards lavender-violet, reticulated with purplish, domed overarched, blade obovate, notched, undulate, frilled revolute smooth 2x3". Falls pleroma violet, reticulated with same, indistinctly so on inner lighter haft. Drooping wedge shaped, convex, slightly pinched, slightly obcordate, smooth 2⅛ x 3". Beard fine, dense, projecting, conspicuous, white with orange tip. Haft medium broad overarching. Crest large, fringed, pollen plentiful. Spathe valves scarious. Growth vigorous, increase rapid, habit regular, foliage stiff, glaucous green. 3 blooms at once, floriferous. Stalk erect with 7 buds, high, fastigate, branching 38". 2 laterals, good substance, frail to firm texture, smooth surface, good fragrance (Cornell University: #100)


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TB (obsolete AIS checklist 1939)



TB-W4  (obsolete AIS checklist1939 superseded?) (1988 Louisiana iris)

Albicans x  rosuperba [? Cypriana]

 Flowers white or nearly so. Types distinguished by habit of growth or colour of haft reticulations. Segments narrow, haft conspicuous empire yellow at sides 20"[50cm] (AIS Bulletin: 1924)



TB-S9D (obsolete AIS checklist 1939)

AIS Bulletin 1929



Trosupurba x Dominion

Very large flower of very fine form, arching S over 2⅛" broad, light lavender violet tinged Ray's Violet in centre. Smooth flat hanging F over 2⅛" broad, a very rich velvety hyacinth violet to mulberry purple. (1921/2) 

This variety would be quite outstanding if only for the enormous size of the flowers - it is a giant even among the Dominion Race, but in addition to this quality it is a flower of the greatest refinement and beauty and of perfect form. A big strong grower over 3' 6" [107cm] tall. S nearly 3" broad finely arched bright lavender violet, tinged and suffused hays violet in centre. F which are 2⅛" broad are smooth and flat hanging, brilliant rich hyacinth violet to mulberry purple. Colour very clear and bright and very distinct from others of the Dominion race. It created quite a sensation at RHS Chelsea. (Orpington 1923 Whitelegg 1927)

BERYL (1917)

TB-M-S3L ( obsolete AIS checklist 1939)

Dominion x ?

Bicolour large: Standards lavender violet, Falls anthracene violet fading at edges 3'.[90cm] Dominion race in form and habit. (AIS Bulletin)


BLUE BIRD (1919)

TB-M-B1M  (obsolete AIS 1939 superseded?) NB:Caperne/1901 : DB-E-B1M  

Flavescens x Macrantha 

Small sized self coloured flowers of brightest blue. Falls at right-angles to the Standards. Very unusual type of flower on account of the intense blue colouring (Wallace1920/21) 



TB-M-B3M (AIS Checklist 1939 - superseded? -1955 Marx: Japanese iris)

 (Cordelia   x   Thorbecke)   x    Mme Chereau

Of rapid increase with erect glaucous green foliage 12” high. Flowering stems 30” [75cm], erect zigzag 8 flowered. Flowers of medium size, well proportioned stiff. Standards domed 2 2/5”x2” lavender, grayish at base. Falls drooping 2”x1 9/10”, violet blue, margins bluish lavender. Veining distinct on white at haft. Beard white tipped yellow.

BRUNO (1922)

Dominion x ?


RHS AM1929

Foliage 28"[70cm], flower stem 32"[80cm], 8-10 flowered. Flowers large, well proportioned, rather floppy. Scented. Standards domed 3x2 5/8" bronzy pale violet on a cream ground. Falls 2¼ x2 5/8" drooping rich velvety purplish crimson with pale edges. Beard tipped orange.(RHS Trials Wisley1927)

Moderate vigour, with nearly green 18" [45cm] foliage. Flowering stems 24" [60cm]  5 or 6 flowered. Flowers closely set, of medium size, faintly scented. Standards domed, 2⅜ X 2⅛" bronzy light amparo-purple with darker edges; Falls hanging straight 1⅞ X 2" wide, very velvety raisin purple white beard tipped orange. (RHS Trials Wisley)

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TB-B3M (obsolete AIS 1939 superseded? Name reused 1941)

 Large flower of fine form. Broad nearly circular segments. Standards bluish lavender to pale wisteria blue. Falls velvety mulberry purple, paler at the edge. Defined open reticulations on haft of brown and purple. Branching spikes. Strong grower. 2'10" [85cm] (AJB: 1920/1)


BYRON (1921)

TB-M-W8 (obsolete AIS 1939 superseded?) 

Standards broad and large heavily suffused with rosy lilac on white ground, turning to coppery pink at throat. Falls white edged rosy lilac, reticulated with light brown at haft. Style arms soft yellow with broad central keel of light violet. 2' 6"[75cm] (Wallace: 1924)