E-B1M  (superseded? AIS Checklist 1939) (Harbinger: Terrell 1961/2. deep violet self, 34” mid-season: Bluebird Haven Iris Garden 2009)

 Asiatica x Macrantha

 An Asiatica - Macrantha seedling, this lovely variety has very large flowers of magnificent form. Standards light lavender blue, Falls rich violet blue. Of branching habit and remarkably free flowering it is more graceful than Macranthaand bluer. (1920+Orpington 1923)


HAWKINS (1922)

TB (Not yet in commerce; obsolete  AIS checklist 1939. superceded?)



TB-M-R7D (AIS checklist 1939. superceded?)

A red pallida (RS Sturtevant; AIS Bull. No 43)



TB (Not yet in commerce; obsolete  AIS checklist 1939. superceded?)





One of the late Mr Bliss's finest introductions and as brilliant for colour as Senlac although a different shade of red. S coppery-red. F velvety oxblood red penciled yellow at haft. Intense ochre yellow beard 3' [90cm](1934 Whitelegg)                          

 Hester Prynne and Mareschal Ney (Williamson) Difficult to distinguish between the two. They are luminous red-purple bicolour. Standards deep mahogany red. Falls wine-red; good shape and substance. As MN has the advantage of having been already introduced, it is doubtful whether HP will ever be put into commerce.(FW Hellings ; Irises at Orpington BIS Yearbook.1932)


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HILDA (1920)


1939 checklist superseded (Hilda – Scheve 1978)

Mme Chereau x Jacquesiana

Plicata: white, markings bradley's  violet. Standards heavily pencilled, styles and haft dark, stalk low and widely branched; growth moderate to vigorous. 3'. Standards arched revolute, Falls flaring slightly pinched. Mme Chereau type (AIS Bulletin 1923)




obsolete AIS checklist 1939          superseded?

Dominion x ?

Very large flowers of fine form. Arching Standards light lavender violet, tinged paler and duller in the centre. Falls smooth and flat, rich pansy violet to cotinga purple. Tall and branched spikes. Falls with bold reticulations of brown-purple. Free flowering and a strong grower. 3'4" (AJB1920/21)


Wayman Catalog 1931




TB-M-B3D (AIS Checklist 1939)

Trosupurba x Dominion


Lightest blue-toned flower of the Dominion race. Standards bluish lavender. Falls clear bright pleroma violet. Strong grower. 3'6"[107cm]. Light blue toned flower of fine but rather long form. Very large flower with long arching Standards of bluish lavender 2 5/8" broad. Falls 2⅛" broad smooth and hanging with tilted tips, bright pleroma violet. Branching, free flowering 3' 2"[ 95cm] (AJB 1920/21 + 1921/22)


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