FAITH (1921)


obsolete AIS checklist 1939         superseded: (1939? Tobie. TB-M-B1M) Lowry 1953 TB-M-W1.

Mme Chereau x Maori King 

Slow increase, compact glaucous green foliage 12-15"[30-40cm]. Flowering stems 22"[55cm], erect, straight 5-6 flowers very close, well proportioned, stiff. Standards cupped 2¼ x 2⅛" lavender violet, Falls straight hanging, blades broadly spatulate 1¾" x 2" rich violet flowering for fortnight from 1 June 1927(RHS Trials, Wisley: 1928)


TB-M-W8 (AIS Checklist 1939)

Assuerus x Mme Chereau

White flower with heavy reticulations of reddish purple and also has a little colour in the standards, the edges of which are pleasingly turned backwards. (Gardeners Chronicle 1919)


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FREDA (1920)

TB-M-W8 (obsolete AIS checklist 1939         superseded?)

Plicata of only medium size, but good form. Standards broadly suffused and with suffusing dots in the centre of blades of pale lavender mauve. Falls with margins, coalescing veins and spots of brownish red-violet on hafts to magenta on the blades. Branching, free flowering 3' 4" [102cm] (AJB1920/21)



TB (Obsolete AIS 1939 Not yet in commerce)


FRONA (1922/27)

TB-M-R9D (not yet in commerce obsolete AIS checklist 1939       superseded?)

? x Dominion

Dominion race. Fine red blend much richer than smaller and duller Red Admiral or Sentinal (RS Sturtevant in AIS Bulletin #43)