Wallace catalogue 1922

E H JENKINS (1919)


Princess Beatrice x Trojana

Effect pale violet self. Standards pallid violet, Falls litho purple blended lighter at edge and intensified at base of blade. Beard conspicuous, white with yellow tips. Exceptionally tall growth, large number of flowers on single well branched stems. Vigorous and excellent for massing. (Cornell University #112)

EREBUS (?1932)

TB  (obsolete AIS checklist 1939)         superseded:1932 Berry/TB-M-S7M

very dark …. Similar to Destiny (AIS Bulletin 1932)


ESTELLE (1922)

TB  (not yet in commerce. obsolete AIS checklist 1939 )   

 Pink and lovely rose. 36"[90cm] (Weed 1928)  


ESTHER (1922)

TB  (not yet in commerce. obsolete AIS checklist 1939 ) 



TB-W1 (Not yet in commerce. obsolete AIS checklist 1939) (superseded: 1938 Ayres TB-M-S4M)

Dominion x ?

A Dominionseedling…. pale lavender without the velvet of the Dominion race and as a clump has proved its distinctive quality. (RS Sturtevant in Bull #43)

Porcelain white with chicory blue above beard and purple in haft. Not large, but charming in detail and lovely in garden. 2' [60cm] (Sturtevant 1931-2)



 (not yet in commerce. obsolete AIS checklist 1939 ) 

EVADNE (1921)


Diadem x (Queen of May x Cordelia)

 Rose coloured flower of good squalens form, practically a self. Rose purple effect. Standards liseran purple, shaded buff pink at base. Falls mallow purple veined deeper at haft. Flowers large for type, both Standards and Falls 2⅛" broad. Sweet scented. Branching spikes, free flowering, strong growth. 2' 9" [85cm] (AJB: 1921/2)


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TB (not yet in commerce AIS checklist 1939)