PAGEANT (1920)

TB-S9M (obsolete AIS checklist 1939. superseded:1936/ Murrell TB-M-R1L)

Trosupurba x Dominion      

Similar type to Red Admiral, but nearer in colouring to a squalens type. Standards light lavender violet tinged straw yellow. Falls raisin purple with heavy red brown reticulations. Large flowers of fine form with semi spreading falls and similar colouring to Red Admiral, but rather nearer squalens type. Standards light vinaceous lavender lilac, Falls velvety raisin purple to dahlia purple in centre with heavy coalescing reticulations of red-brown. branching spikes, very free flowering 2' 8".[80cm] (AJB: 1920/21)


PALADIN (1919)

TB-B3M (obsolete AIS checklist 1939. superseded:Cayeux/ TB-M-Y9L)

(Caparne 1902/DB-E-Y9M)

Germanica x macrantha

CM France 1928

A distinct iris with very large flowers and early. (AJB in The Garden 1924)

34” [85cm] a Macrantha seedling which is an improvement on Oriflamme with clear violet-blue standards and dark violet-purple falls. (WR Dykes: A Handbook of Garden Irises, 1924)


PALMYRA (1921)



Morwell x Macrantha

Very large flowers of long (trojana-pallida form), 6" high, long revolute standards of light bluish violet, arching finely 2⅛" broad. Long hanging falls slightly convex 2¼" broad, bright pleroma violet; same tall and freely branching habit as EH Jenkins. Very strong and sweetly scented. free flowering 3'9" into 4' [115-120cm] (AJB 1921/22)



 Dominion x ?

Grand iris of Dominion type. Very large well formed flowers somewhat similar to that variety. Standards very broad and smooth, light violet blue. Falls very broad and flat hanging, rich deep velvety purple with bold reticulations at haft and conspicuous orange beard. Not particularly free flowering, but reliable. (Orpington1921)



TB-M-B3D (Superseded? AIS checklist 1939)

Trosupurba x Dominion  

RHS AM 1930

Vigorous and of rapid increase with erect glaucous green foliage 22”[55cm] high. Flowering stems 30”[75cm] erect, somewhat zigzag, branching above and below middle, 8 flowered. Flowers very close, large well proportioned, stiff. Standards domed 2¾”x 2 3/10” dull reddish violet with a smoky effect, yellowish at base. Falls somewhat drooping 2¼”x 2⅜” almost circular, rich velvety plum purple with paler margins; veins on haft distinct, brownish. Styles creamy white with lavender blue midribs. Crests dull bluish lavender. Beard white deeply tipped bright yellow. Flowering for 2 weeks from 4th June. This might well be placed in class VI b, but for garden effect it’s best here. (1930)

The Garden 1919



sweet lavender x macrantha

I do find irises change…As to the pinks, I was rather staggered by the change in colour of Phyllis Bliss, which I think must be due to the very heavy dressing of lime - it was less rosy pink and more lilac pink this year. You must try her with not too much lime. (AJB)

Graceful in form and outline, with flowers of self pale rosy lavender. Flower spikes very strong and erect growing. One of Mr Bliss's most beautiful and distinctive seedlings. (Wallace 1922)


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PIONEER (1924)

TB-E-B9D (AIS Checklist 1939)

(Pacquita    x  pallida) x (Cordelia    x    Paladin?)

Vigorous and of rapid increase with green erect foliage 24"[60cm]. Flowering stems 36"[90cm], branched, erect, straight 8 flowered. Flowers medium – large, well proportioned stiff. Standards more or less domed 2⅞”x 2 5/8”, rich petunia violet. Falls straight hanging 2x2⅛" deep rich petunia violet with distinct veining on a pale ground at base. Beard white, tipped orange. (RHS Trials Wisley 1928)


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PORTIA (1922)

 TB (Not yet in commerce; obsolete AIS Checklist 1939)

Princess Osra?



Suffren x Dolores

Very large plicata of very fine form. Rounded, nearly circular standards, moderately revolute and arching, 2¼" broad. Falls smooth and flat, 2" broad, clear white with standards broadly and falls more narrowly margined light wisteria violet and bluish lavender. Hafts thickly speckled with more defined and deeper coloured spots. Effect blue margined plicata with good substance, branching spike 2' 9"[85cm] (AJB 1921/22)


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Hilda x (Leonidas x Cordelia)

A very fine plicata variety of quite outstanding merit. Standards are narrowly margined clear red-violet on white ground, Falls are pure white with the exception of the reticulations at the haft. Flowers are freely produced in close spikes 2' 10"[85cm]. (Whitelegg Orpington: 1922)