NANCE (1921)

TB-R7L (obsolete AIS checklist 1939   superseded?)

Rosy lilac self like Mrs Alan Gray but flowering fortnight later. Very free habit and very effective in mass. Useful on account of its bright colour and late season of flowering. (Wallace 1924)


OMEGA (1919)

TB-Y9L (obsolete AIS checklist 1939 )  

Very late flowering. Rich yellow variegata. Medium large flower. Standards bright empire yellow, Falls same colour with tawny brown suffusing veinings irregularly disposed. Free flowering 2' 6"[75cm] (AJB 1920/21 1921/22)


ORIEL (1932)

TB-W4 (obsolete AIS checklist 1939)   (Caparne 1902/IB-W3L)

trojana x Dominion

There is a lovely white Dominion which is proving extremely slow though much finer quality so of questionable value except for breeding (RS Sturtevant; AIS Bull. No 43)