Dominion x ?

RHS AM 1930

Enormous flowers. Standards light mauve stained bronze at base. Falls rich velvety raisin purple. Strong grower with stout branching spikes and free flowering. 3'6"[107cm]. Very fine form and extra substance. Arching circular standards nearly 3" broad, light lavender violet-mauve stained light bronze at base. Hanging falls smooth and flat, very rich velvety purple with close reticulations of brown-purple. Tall branching spikes free flowering 3'4"[102cm] (AJB 1920/21)


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(Cordelia   x Thorbecke) x (Amoena x Maori King)                                           

RHS AM 1927

Falls with vein colour suffused. Vigorous and of rapid increase, glaucous green foliage 24" [60cm] high Flowering stems 28"[70cm]; 6 flowered with flowers very closely arranged, medium size, well proportioned, stiff. Standards domed 2 x 1½” empire yellow. Falls rather drooping 1¼ x 1 5/8 " rich velvety reddish maroon, beard bright orange. Flowering for 3 weeks from 28th May 1927 (RHS Trials Wisley 1928)


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MANOA (1922)

(not yet in commerce; obsolete AIS checklist 1939)



TB-M-R7L (Superseded? AIS 1939 checklist)

Assuerus x Queen of May

Margaret Moor, another of the Bliss seedlings, is of a warm deep lilac tone, almost uniform throughout, but of so distinct a shade that the eye reverts to it again and again. The variety, indeed, possesses characteristics of its own. (EH Jenkins in The Garden, 21.6.1919.)

Tall, similar to Mrs Alan Greyalmost a self but for deeper colour of falls. Whole is delightful reddish lilac, very fascinating. 33". (Wallace 1920/21/22/24)


TB (not yet in commerce, obsolete AIS checklist 1939)

[superseded: Benners TB-M-B1M]



TB-B3L( obsolete AIS checklist 1939 )

Dominion x

Very large flower of compact rounded form and good substance. Arching Standards lavender violet, 2 5/8" broad. Smooth circular Falls of petunia violet with a redder toned flush at hafts, beyond beard. Tall strong well branched spikes. Strong grower free flowering 3' 9" [115cm] (AJB 1921/22)



TB (not yet in commerce, obsolete AIS checklist 1939)

RHS Journal 1928

MIDAS (1920)

TB-M-Y9M (AIS Checklist 1939: Superseded?)

Jacquesiana x Mrs Neubronner


Very late flowering yellow variety. Tall and vigorous with bright golden yellow standards and brown red falls with distinct yellow line down centre. (Wallace: 1920)



Superseded? AIS checklist 1939  

Vigorous and of rapid increase. Foliage glaucous green 20-24"[50-60cm], flowering stems 30-32"[75-80cm], erect usually 5 flowered. Flowers close, of medium size, well proportioned, stiff. Standards domed 2½” x1¾", margins recurved, wavy, heavily feathered and spotted dark bluish lavender. Falls drooping, 1 5/8x1¾", margins nearly plane, coloured like Standards towards haft. Style arms and crest dark bluish lavender, beard white, lightly tipped yellow. Flowering for 3 weeks from 23rd May 1927 (RHS Trials Wisley)

Missouri Botanic Garden Bulletin.1925

MOA (1919)


? x Dominion


Vigorous and of rapid increase. Foliage glaucous green 26"[65cm]. Flowering stems 40" [102cm] apt to twist and curl 5 flowered. Flowers closely set, well proportioned, large stiff. Standards domed 2¾x 2 ⅜", rosy lavender violet. Falls straight hanging 2x2⅛" rich nigrosin-violet, beard tinged orange. Flowering for 3 weeks from 23rd May 1927 (RHS Trials Wisley1928)

RHS Journal 1938; p 536 Moa mentioned as a ‘good iris for beginners’.

It seems that Moa is alive and well, living in New Zealand. 

Thanks to Terry Johnson for this photo, taken in 2012

MONICA (1919)

TB-M-Y4M (Obsolete AIS checklist 1939 )  

suffren x dolores

Sister seedling of Princess Osra with even larger flowers. Standards circular and finely arching, 2⅛" broad. Falls wavy and hanging, 2" broad. White margined with close set dots of lavender violet and mauve. Hafts thickly speckled with spots of matthews purple. Effect: mauve margined plicata, scented, medium branching spikes 2' 10" (1921/22)


MOROCCO (1922)

AIS 1939: not yet in commerce. Possibly Argonaut

superseded Keppel 1978

MORWELL (1917)


Trosupurba x Dalmatica

RHS AM 1916

Bicolour 8.2.(6) V (1): Brief: Standards light lavender violet, Falls bluish violet, stalk low and widely branched, growth moderate, 3'[90cm]. Details: Standards overlapping, beard white yellow tipped, haft white, reticulated finely with light brown. Remarks: Although distinct when know, the varieties of this type can hardly be identified from a description (AIS Bulletin #6,1922)


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MOTLEY (1922)

 TB (not yet in commerce, obsolete AIS checklist 1939)


The Garden 1919


TB-E-S6M (Superseded? AIS Checklist 1939)

Queen of May x Maori King

Early and free flowering and prolific. Standards coppery buff and Falls deep rich rosy purple. Striking and beautiful on account of its quiet colouring. 27"[70cm] (Wallace:1922)

Flower with very broad rounded Falls of vineous red, with white veining at base. Standards gold at base, blade being faintly suffused with mauve on a bronze ground. (Gardeners chronicle: 1919)

Mrs Cowley. Harrison 1933
Gardeners Chronicle 1920



Loppio     x     Dalmatica

Improved Cengialti pallida hybrid. Very early, producing large flowers of intense self violet blue with characteristic golden blotch. A magnificent plant. 3' [90cm] Stock too limited to offer this season. (Whitelegg Orpington: 1920)

Very large variety with blooms of massive proportions. Falls are purplish violet, on which the orange coloured beard shows prominently and the beautifully arched Standards are lavender coloured. (Gardeners Chronicle:1919)



Bruno x ?

Haarlem AM 1930 Haarlem FCC 1932 RHS FCC 1933

First Class Certificate: Class b (c) (2). Has been settled for some years in its position as one of the very best. Large flowers – standards bronze shot with lavender; falls deep velvety maroon purple. Good stem (3½’[107cm]) good shape, stout substance, well branched, free flowering. If it has a fault it is a susceptibility to rhizome rot. (iris trials at Wisley BIS Yearbook 1933 p18)


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MYRA (1920)

TB-W2 (obsolete AIS 1939)


1966 Wilma Greenlee – SDB 13” [30cm] blue-orchid self E – M. (Fi Lee x Pearl Sheen /

1996 Alfosso of Provence

MYSTIC (1920)

TB-MLa-W1 (AIS Checklist 1939)

Jacquesiana x Phyllis Bliss

RHS AM 1927  

Much improved Mrs H Darwin.Medium large flowers, good form, arching standards and drooping falls. Pure white with close reticulations of lilac and mauve on hafts only. Fragrant; free flowering. 2' 2"[65cm] (AJB:1920/21)

Vigorous, free flowering and of rapid increase. Foliage glaucous green, 18"[ 45cm]. Flowering stems 20-22"[65cm] erect. Generally 6-8 flowers on rather short branches, rather close, medium size, well proportioned, stiff. Standards domed, waved at margins 2⅛ x 1¾". Falls drooping 1¾x 1¾". Both standards and falls white with violet veining at base. Style arms, crest and beard white, last tipped bronzy orange. Improved Mrs H Darwin. (RHS Trials Wisley 1928)


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