LADY BYNG (1922)


Phyllis Bliss x ?

A very beautiful iris and like Susan Bliss, a descendent of Phyllis Bliss. The flowers are of exceptionally fine form and substance. The colour throughout the Standards and Falls is a clear pale lavender with a very slight suffusion of rose. It is very free flowering and, like all the Bliss hybrids of this class, increases quickly. The nearest colour in Ridgeway’s chart is pale ageratum violet. The beard is pale yellow, the haft and base of the Standards being slightly reticulated with a deeper tone, making its appearance nowhere else in the flower. (Wallace 1922)


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TB-M-B7M (obsolete AIS checklist 1939         superseded?)

leonidas x dalmatica

Tall with stout stems, bearing well shaped, self coloured flowers of pale rosy mauve flowers with a very bright orange beard. Very distinctive 36"[90cm] (Whitelegg/Orpington  1920)



IB-E-S9M (obsolete AIS checklist 1939         superseded?)

Knysna x ?

Of medium growth, but unique in colour. Standards dark copper crimson Falls richest red-maroon. A useful variety on the lines of Prosper Langier;most attractive when seen in the evening light. (Wallace 1922)



IB-Y9D   (obsolete AIS checklist 1939         superseded?)

RHS FCC (?date!)

Self: mauve, beard conspicuous white, pallida habit. 30" [75cm] Standards arching, Falls drooping, heavily reticulated at haft; styles with light edges. Foliage tinged at base (AIS Bulletin)



formally Faith?

TB-M-B1D (superseded? AIS checklist 1939)      

Tamar x ?


Vigorous and of rapid increase with glaucous green foliage 20"[50cm]. Flowering stems 24-26"[60-65cm] straight 5-6 flowered, well proportioned and stiff. Standards cupped 2x2" soft pale blue violet. Falls drooping 1 5/8 x 2" coloured like Standards but of more rosy shade. Beard tipped deep orange. Flowering for a fortnight from 20th May 1927 (RHS Trials Wisley 1928)

LURLINE (1919)

TB-M-R1M superseded? (AIS Checklist 1939)

Leonidas x Queen of May

FCC MHS [?] 1915

Lilac mauve pallida of similar colouring to Rosalind, but the flowers are of finer form and colour quite distinct. Very early. Standards pale lilac mauve; Falls light reddish mauve. A fine free flowering variety. 3' 4" [102cm](Orpington 1923)


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LUXOR (1922)

TB (not yet in commerce; obsolete AIS checklist 1939)


LYNETTE (1921)

TB-M-W8 (Obsolete AIS checklist 1939   superseded?  )    

 Plicata: reddest toned variety so far. Standards broadly margined reddish mauve and tinged coppery brown at the base. The Falls are narrowly margined with light reddish violet on the blade to brown on the hafts. Free flowering, with individual flowers of medium size but comparatively dwarf grower. (1921+ Orpington 1923)