The Garden 1924

DAPHNE (1920)



Very beautiful variety with pure white standards and large spreading falls, reticulated purple on a white ground, deepening to rich purple below, with a distinct white margin. Improved Rhein Nixe. Medium flowers with fine shape and substance. (Wallace: 1920)


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not in AIS checklist 1939 as an AJB introduction.           

DIADEM (1919)


Assuerus x Leonidas


A strong plant with stout stems. Standards pale mauve. Falls deep reddish mauve, with a brilliant orange beard. Very striking plant, and most effective massed by itself. 3’ [90cm]high. (Whitelegg 1920)


For some reason hard to explain, we like this name very much, and the beautiful name seems to add to the beauty of this iris. Standards pale mauve, falls deep reddish mauve, beard yellow, mid-season. (Bonnewitz 1926)

Standards pale lilac rose, Falls deep red mauve, very light orange beard, medium size. Foliage almost as high as bloom. 36" [90cm](Bonnewitz 1927)

The Garden (1922)

DIMITY (1919)


(Mme Chereau x Cordelia) x (Mme Chereau x Queen of May)

Vigorous and of rapid increase. Foliage glaucous green 18” [45cm] high, drooping above middle. Flowering stems 30-32”[75-80cm] erect, zig-zag, 6-8 flowered. Flowers very close, well proportioned stiff, of medium size. Standards domed 2⅛”x1⅞” with wavy margins, white lightly speckled with silvery lavender. Falls 1 5/8”x 1 ¾”, slightly waved at margins, creamy white with light lavender feathering of amparo purple at margins. Crest and midrib of style arms lavender. (RHS Trials, Wisley 1925-7)

DINKY (1922)

TB not yet in commerce (AIS checklist 1939)


DOLORES (1920)


AIS Checklist 1939: obsolete. Superseded?


Heavily margined plicata, of distinct and beautiful colouring. Standards broadly margined with reddish violet, Falls narrowly edged with deeper colour. Dense purple brown reticulations and spots on the hafts. This is a fine variety of good habit, a strong grower and very free flowering. (Whitelegg 1921/Orpington:1920/23)


TB-M-B3D AIS Checklist 1939

Amas       x      Cordelia           (Cordelia x Macrantha))

RHS AM 1917 

I think chiefly what I mean by the Dominion type is its breadth of petal, its substance and the richness and depth of its colour. But there is also an air of distinction about it as a whole that you can't quite put into words. (AJB in AIS Bull #43)

It was only at its second flowering in 1910…….It was my little niece (Phyllis) who really discovered it confidently affirming one day that it was the best iris I had. (AJB 1918).

Very vigorous but of slow increase, with straight glaucous-green foliage, 24"[60cm]. Flowering stems 28"[70cm] nearly straight 5 to 8 flowered. Close flowers, well proportioned, stiff, scented; Standards domed, 2¾ X 2¼" pale violet; falls hanging straight, 1¾ X 2¼", very velvety, deep rich nigrosin-violet; beard white tipped orange. Rather shy. Buds cross over stem. Flowering for 3 weeks from 30th May 1927 (RHS Trials Wisley1928)


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Queen of May x Cordelia


Very beautiful squalens form. Flowers very good shape. Standards pale lavender suffused with yellow, Falls rich red lilac, suffused at haft and edge with yellow. Strong, free flowering. (Wallace:1920)


DORMAN (1920)

TB-M-B9D (obsolete AIS checklist 1939 superseded?)

Assuerus x Thorbecke

Velvety red-toned violet, plum purple bicolour. Size, fair to good, flower long, compact, rounded, flowering habit free, 34" [85cm] branching fastigate, high 2 laterals, moderately good substance, frail texture, good fragrance. S amparo purple reticulated with violet on claw, cupped arching blade obvate, notched, undulate 1¾x 3". F velvety pansy violet, more reddish in sunlight. outer haft lavender veined with brownish, drooping, spatulate, 1⅛ x 3". Beard very fine, dense projecting, tangled, bluish tipped yellow at base. Haft very broad, channelled, reticulations fine to broad closely spaced. Style branches broad overarching, lavender. Crest large, fringed. Pollen plentiful. Spathe valves green, ¾ scarious tinged with brown. Growth mod - vigorous, increase rapid, habit open - compact. Foliage stiff, slender, deep glaucous green, floriferous, stalk erect with 4 or more buds (Cornell University: # 100)


DRAKE (1919)

TB-M-B1M( superseded?)

Mme Chereau x Princess Beatrice

 Light pallid violet self. Size fair-good, form long, compact , rounded, flowering habit free, 30-36"[75-90cm], high branching, fastigate, 3 laterals, good substance, firm texture, good fragrance. S pale violet of satiny texture, with greyish brown reticulations and recurved edges, cupped, arching, blade obvate, notched, undulate, 2x2¾". F light violet veined with greyish brown, lavender along outer beard, reticulated with dullish grey to brown, drooping to straight hanging, obovate, convex 2x2¾". Beard very fine, very dense, projecting, white, yellow at base. Haft broad, chanelled, reticulations fine, closely spaced, not prominent. Style branches very broad, arching, dull grey. Crest med-large, fringed. Pollen plentiful. Spathe valves scarious. Growth moderately vigorous; increase rapid; habit compact. Foliage stiff, medium broad, deep glaucous green, 2 blooms at once, floriferous, stalk erect to angular with 8 or more buds.(Cornell University: # 100)



TB-M-B3D (obsolete AIS checklist 1939         superseded?)

Mme Chereau x Cordelia (sister seedling of Sweet Lavender)

Same habit as Sarpedon. Foliage glaucous green; flower stems 27"[70cm, zig zag, 8 flowered. Flowers, well proportioned, stiff. Medium sized. Standards domed with wavy margins 2¼ x 1⅞" deep lavender. Falls, drooping blades 1⅞ x 1¾" rich violet blue with lavender margins.. Flowering for a fortnight from 30th May 1927. (RHS Trials, Wisley).



RHS AM 1931 Haarlem AM 1932

Very vigorous. Glaucous green foliage. Flower stems 40"[102cm] nearly straight 5-6 flowered well spaced. Flowers large, well proportioned, stiff, scented. Standards rather cupped 3x 2¼" bronzy violet blue. Falls hanging straight 2x 2⅛” velvety deep rich nigrosin-violet. Beard orange in upper half . Flowering for 3 weeks from 28th May 1927. (RHS Trials Wisley)


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Leonidas x Maori King (same pod as Azure)

Foliage 24" Flowering stems 26" [65cm] with 8 closely set flowers of medium size. Standards domed 2⅜ x 2⅛" smoky pinkish lilac on cream; Falls very drooping 1¾”x 2¼” dull velvety indian lake with darker veining. Flowering for 3 weeks from May 30th 1927. (RHS Trials, Wisley:1928)