ISIS (1919)

TB-B1M (obsolete AIS checklist 1939       superseded?)

1924/5/? RHS AM.

Glorious violet blue self pallida of Rodney type, stated by Mr Bliss to be the bluest pallida he has yet raised. Flowers large and well formed and the plant has a good habit, and is very free flowering. 3' 3"[100cm]. (Whitelegg 1920+ Orpington1923)


KIWI (1922)

TB (Not yet in commerce. obsolete AIS checklist 1939)

AIS Bulletin 1929










 KNYSNA (1917)


Maori King x Jacquesian

RHS C 1916

 Very fine variety free flowering and a vigorous grower. Long arching Standards clear deep yellow. Falls deep velvety red - brown. Often as many as 4 flowers on a stem at one time. The finest yellow variety in cultivation today 2'9" [85cm] (Wallace 1920/21/22/24)


from: New Zealand Smallholders Magazine 1934