Possible Bliss Irises

CAMELOT (1918)

TB-M-W2  (AIS checklist 1939: superseded?)

 Assuerus x Mrs Horace Darwin


Habit and foliage like Ma Mie but foliage 24" [60cm] high. Flower stem 32"[80cm], 8 flowered. Flowers small, close well proportioned, stiff. Standards waved 1¾"x 1⅞", margins waved veined and suffused lavender. Falls sigmoid and tucking back, 1¾" x 1⅜" margins feathered lavender. Crest lavender, beard tipped orange. (paler + redder than Ma Mie)( RHS trials, Wisley: 1925-27)  


The large branching of Camelot bears flowers having a creamy white ground, faintly suffused with blue at edges of falls and more blue in standards. The flower is rather unique as it fades with age to almost cream white. (Gardeners Chronicle: 1919)

Camelot? 2014




sweet lavender x macrantha

I do find irises change…As to the pinks, I was rather staggered by the change in colour of Phyllis Bliss, which I think must be due to the very heavy dressing of lime - it was less rosy pink and more lilac pink this year. You must try her with not too much lime. (AJB)

Graceful in form and outline, with flowers of self pale rosy lavender. Flower spikes very strong and erect growing. One of Mr Bliss's most beautiful and distinctive seedlings. (Wallace 1922)

I believe this iris is the lost 'Phyllis Bliss' but still need to confirm identity. It was found, un-named, in an old iris garden.

No ID 015


Do you know this iris? Can you name it?

About 3' [90cm] high, scented, late flowering, no PBF.

No ID 043


Do you know this iris? Can you name it?

 It is about 2'6" 75cm) high, no purple based foliage and scented. Mid season flower.