Any additional Bliss iris would be good, so I am really hunting for them all.


The following are mostly those that I might have a good chance of identifying as there are original photos.

AZURE 1918


Leonidas x Maori King (same pod as Dusky Maid) 

Standards light lavender violet reticulated with brownish violet, slightly bronzed. Carriage cupped, arched; blade obovate, fiddle form, notched, undulate, ruffled to frilled, revolute, creped and cockled 1¼ x 2¼".Falls silvery mulberry purple to florite violet veined with same to brownish on lavender outer haft. Carriage flaring to drooping, wedge shaped, convex, obcordate, smooth 2x3".Beard: fine, dense, projecting, brown. Haft narrow deeply channeled, reticulations fine to broad, widely spaced. Style branches broad, overarching. Crest large, fringed, plentiful pollen. Spathe valves scarious, inflated. Form: short to long, compact, oblong to rounded, free flowering. 34"[85cm], fastigate branching, low, (below centre) poor-good substance, frail-firm texture, Growth Exceedingly vigorous, increase rapid, habit regular, foliage stiff, slender, glaucous green tinged at base. 3 blooms at once, floriferous. Stalk erect to flexuous with 9 buds. Neglecta type, good fragrance. (Cornell University #100)


Mla-Y9D (AIS Checklist 1939

(Mme Chereau x Jacquesiana) x (Queen of May x Cordelia)

RHS AM 1922       silver cup 1922


A large bright yellow flower standing high above the rest. Its standards are of a clear citron at first, which bleaches to a pale primrose with age, and the falls are a crimson purple overlaying a yellow ground which shows at the margin…..though it is not as outstanding a flower as Bruno. (AJB in AIS Bull. 43. 1932)

Tallest yellow flowered iris yet raised, with bold and arching standards of fine shape and of luminous quality. Bright clear yellow, citron in tone, deepening at base to gamboge. Style arms clear pure yellow. The brightest of orange beards extends more than 1/3 length of fall and a medial yellow line continues from the beard to the tip. Falls of fair size, rich ruddy brown, paling at edges. Citronella has been more discussed than any other iris this spring, some judges taking exception to the fall, others equally authoritative considering it exceptionally rich and fine. However, we have in Citronella the finest yellow flowered iris in cultivation. 2'9” (Wallace 1922)

DAPHNE (1920)



Very beautiful variety with pure white standards and large spreading falls, reticulated purple on a white ground, deepening to rich purple below, with a distinct white margin. Improved Rhein Nixe. Medium flowers with fine shape and substance. (Wallace: 1920)

E H JENKINS (1919)


Princess Beatrice x Trojana

Effect pale violet self. Standards pallid violet, Falls litho purple blended lighter at edge and intensified at base of blade. Beard conspicuous, white with yellow tips. Exceptionally tall growth, large number of flowers on single well branched stems. Vigorous and excellent for massing. (Cornell University #112)



sweet lavender x macrantha

I do find irises change…As to the pinks, I was rather staggered by the change in colour of Phyllis Bliss, which I think must be due to the very heavy dressing of lime - it was less rosy pink and more lilac pink this year. You must try her with not too much lime. (AJB)

Graceful in form and outline, with flowers of self pale rosy lavender. Flower spikes very strong and erect growing. One of Mr Bliss's most beautiful and distinctive seedlings. (Wallace 1922)

ZULU (1920)

TB-B3D (obsolete AIS 1939 superseded? )

RHS AM 1930

Dark blue Dominion seedling of distinct form, with long and broad hanging falls. Standards deep steely aniline blue. Falls dark velvety blue purple. Good branching habit and very late flowering.                                              

Very dark flowered Dominion seedling. Large flowers of very good form. Smooth arching Standards 2¼" broad and long. Broad hafted hanging falls. Standards dull bluish violet, Falls very rich deep velvety purple. Paler at margins. Medium branching spike. 2' 10" [85cm] (AJB: 1920/21)

Of moderate vigour and medium increase, with erect glaucous green foliage, 24” [60cm] high. Flowering stems 38”[95cm], erect, somewhat zigzag, branches short, above middle, 6 flowered. Flowers close, well proportioned, large, stiff. Standards domes 3”x2⅜”, lavender violet. Falls straight hanging, pinched 2⅜”x2”, deep rich violet blue with pale margins. Veins brownish on haft. Beard bluish white deeply tipped with orange. RHS Trials Wisley 1930)